Answering questions

Show yourself in the webbcam now:



Tree thing you have done today:

> I´ve woken up for one hour ago

> put on some clothes

> played on my iPad


The best thing that happened to you this year:

Well, I receive great opportunities all the the tome. I feel so spoiled. At home I´m given great food. I have such nice friends and families that give me these small, but wonderful gifts, like for example in this weekend when my grandmother gave me some books that she found at her home, or just when someone goes with me to a café. Or that I received the opportunity to travel with my school to Estonia, and that I´ll on monday travel with my friends to Copenhagen. I have no one best thing.


The worst thing that happened this year:

My worst thing is basically my own actions and how I deal with things. I can do things so much better, handle situations better. But I know this, so that´s good so I can process it. 


Current obsession:

Tv- I have no real obsession right now, but I started to watch House of cards, and Game of thrones is on again, so that´s on my list.

Music- Whatever that makes me happy. When the sun shines I´m in blues mood.

Clothes- Want to feel comfortable.

Food- I´m in my peanut butter/jam sandwiches period! but avocado is never wrong!


Most romantic thing happening lately:

Cuddling with my dog. . .


Tree things in you pantry:

 Oates, lemon curd, pineapple rings


Something you don´t like with others:

When people say that something is gay.


A bad side of yourself :

I am loud! I scream all the time. I don´t actually feel it´s a bad side. I rather be loud than all quite. But I can understand people around me that they get annoyed. 


Weekend plan:

> Meet my old class 

> Take a trip to Växjö with my father´s family 

> Celebrate my aunts birthday

> start packing to Copenhagen 


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