Questions and answers

What do you prefer to do when you´re free?

I love when I have super-creative days. That´s when I´m in my room and just produce art, texts or something else. So I´ll go to sleep with a whole new bunch of works I´ve created. 


The most odd thing you have experienced?

Hmm. Gosh! I don´t know! You know, I have been like a meter away from my favorite band, that I have listened to my whole life. That was a pretty odd experience.


 What are you most proud of?

I have understood the importance of studying and I have learnt to take the chances when they are given. 


Your biggest source of inspiration?

That´s like the largest questions you could ask. I would like to re-ask – Where don´t I find inspiration? I love seeing things others done that either looks beautiful or have really good thoughts. I get really inspired by the nature and the sky. I love colorful things.


Describe yourself with three words:

> Loud, tired and thirsty 

but, my friend says- Smart, kind and cool.

and one other friends said- Charming, determined and kind.     So at least I´m kind.


You dream about?

I have millions of dreams! I would like to get successful with spreading out my art. Publish a book. Create a nice home and family in the future. Study much. Found a job I like. Travel. And so on. 


If you won a million?

Move and buy 1004 dogs.




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