Waiting for a plane

8 words that describe you:

> creative, kind, brave, energetic, dreamer, loud, resolute and mood swings.


 7 songs you love:

Unbelievers- Vampire Weekend

Somliga går med trasiga skor- Cornelis vreeswijk

Grazka- Domowe Melodie

What the water gave me- Florence + the machine

St James infirmary- Hugh Laurie

Låtsas som det regnar- Veronica Maggio

Nora´s dove- The big tree, Mama cass


6 Dreams:

>Move to an own beautiful apartment

>Finish my studies

>Buy a puppy

>Travel the world

>Live in another country

>Write a book


5 smells:

> Gasoline

> Coffe

> Basement

> Basil

> Rain


4 Things you never have done:

Skiing, Held a child, been to a funeral and drove another vehicle than a bike.


3 Secrets:

> I love eating cold rise with mayonnaise and dried onions

> I love to read, but get a headache every time

> I hate summer break



One comment

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