Fun evening at the theater with my best pal




I graduated from high school last week. Relatives came and celebrated with me, we ate and I opened presents. So, now I have my whole life infront of me. I maybe wrote for a couple of days ago that I am moving in together with mu boyfriend, Viktor. I drove to the city we’ll live in, Gothenburg, yesterday to leave some of my stuff. Now I only have to take the driver’s license and I’ll be ready to move.

The future is here soon

Hello! I know that I haven´t been writing on this blog for a while. I have just finished high school and in a month is a test that I will write to get a driver´s license. After I either fail or succeed on that test I´ll move to Gotemburg, on the other side of Sweden. I´ll move in together with my boyfriend, Viktor. I have applied to the university in Gotemburg, and I hope that I´ll get in.

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