Sweet like cinnamon

fullsizerender-3Sweet like cinnamon

A new illustrations made by me.


Practizing layers and landscapes

I do not often draw landscapes but I often get inspired by it. I am embarrassed of the result I´m showing here, because they do not look like I imagined. But when I have the equipment I use in mind I would say the result is still pretty good. I have deided to practice at drawing landscape this week, so I´ll probably show you even more awkward pictures.

Black and White portrait


Black and White portrait

A digital drawing made in Photoshop.

I practice to become better at understanding how to draw digitally, especially on photoshop. It is not easy, my drawing tablet is pretty poor and do not do as I want. But I’m saving up for a new MUCH better tablet, which makes me motivated to continue trying to draw with this tablet although everything is a hassle. I focus on specific things every time  I draw to really get me to practice. I think it’s important that I make a final result, a finished product. The product doesn´t need to be perfect in the way it´s designed or how it looks, the importent thing is that I have practiced what I decided to practice.

In this drawing I focused on finding the right burshes, making the hair and the mouth and nose.