Every sunrise I know Those eyes you gave to me That let me see Where I come from


Hi! I just received a  Christmas gift from my mother, a bit late though. The new album by Lianne la Havas. Its called ‘Blood. Lianne, one of my favorite artist in the middle of the pile of all the garage rock I listen to.




Hello! It´s late and I haven´t posted anything in days! I told you I was supposed to go to stockholm and i did. I saw Lana Del Rey live and it was magical, some downs, but Lana and her concert  was over all expectations! I didn´t take this photo, I found it somewhere on Tumblr. Alright! I don´t know what to tell you about my little trip with my friend and aunt. We stayed in Stockholm for three days. My friend and I were really excited and we spend some freezing hours standing in line outside. We experienced a hot local with almost no air with 3500 other LanaDR fans. Sense that day have my body not been able to control when to freeze and when to sweat. haha. Lana is more beautiful in real life! I think I never have met anyone live that is so beautiful! I love her more. When the concert was over my friend and I went as fast as we could home. It was so crowded in that local, we got hurt. As two bruised girl did we go back to our hotel and slept. Sense then have I been extremely tired and exhausted. I didn´t take any photos of the concert because I think that ruins the whole experience.