1. scottstaley1 · April 14, 2013

    Great work

  2. ceva9 · May 18, 2013


  3. Fragments of Light · May 18, 2013

    i love the mystery and emotion of your first piece

  4. rodneydouce · May 18, 2013

    nice,,,,,,,,,,,,, would love to see more…………keep creating

  5. fourotreealieneila · May 25, 2013

    You’ve got awesome ideas and photos .. and very good work ..

  6. mbayryamali · June 13, 2013

    nice work, I like that you photograph the development of your ideas 🙂 keep going

  7. buffybuffers · September 8, 2013

    Love your work!!!!

  8. ganza_art · September 12, 2013

    i love it! Especially one with horse! I love creating as well. I study in art department and totaly enjoy the process,

  9. Argus · September 12, 2013

    The horse! Especially where you put him, peeping out like that, almost as if he’s awaiting a cue; the rest of the frame empty space for him to fill later? He looks mischievous, like he might suddenly lift his head and knock the pencil out of your hand.

  10. burgessellis · January 5, 2014

    Love it!, Looking forward to seeing more. Thank you for visiting my blog

  11. Capt Jill · February 16, 2014

    Love that horse!

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